The Company

Karag Front

Since the establishment of our company we are motivated in our work by the same vision:

Supplying our customers good quality products at affordable prices for everyone.

We explore the international market, compare, control, instruct, improve suppliers and products so we can guarantee the quality of materials ultimately available.

We offer an integrated system of modern technological equipment for the residential, hotel and disabled bathroom.

All our materials meet the highest standards of hygiene and quality distinction in ergonomics and human-orientation. We believe that quality is not negotiable and that guide us in our professional choices.

We are confident that after studying our catalogue and testing the material of our products you'll agree with us.

Today the range of our material is separated into four programs that have their corresponding directories:

  • Bathroom Program
  • Cabin Program
  • Accessories Program
  • Kitchen Program

Through the combined use of 4 programs, the customer can find solutions and applications excellent in quality and aesthetic and also to maximize the benefits.

We are always available to analyze to them the trade policy of our company and to advise them that "the more they work with us the most they win".

Find out about the interesting combinations of materials from different programs and take advantage of attractive quantity discounts and periodic promotions.

Always at your service
Panos & Giannis Karagiannis